Terms Of Sale

Deals are exclusively with money in EURO to the most noteworthy bidder. Partecipants are entierly and by and by responsable for offers and buys, they can’t profess to be acting by someone else, If not realized should give references. All parcels offered in this index are not property of Demos Auctions who sells for outsider with an authority salecommission. Demos Auctionsis responsable before purchasers and merchants just as middle.

All offered parts are ensured real, preservation state is esteemed on our own insight after carefull assessment, anyway direct vision of the parcels is exhorted.

Cases are conceded distinctly for questions of realness, should be authorized by an experteese and just withing 10 days of coins recivement.

Cases are not conceded:

a) as for the condition of preservation that, as recently showed, it is intently close to home; b) for surrenders refered to in the inventory or in any case found from the photograph graphies; c) Regarding various lotts (protection, structure, and so on)

Guarantee should be given by sending the material with registred mail and utilizing a reasonable pressing. Until the receivement of the coins client are actually responsable.

Estimantions pricese are in Euro and address opening offers, lower offerts won’t be thought of. Least increments depend on Auctioner’s assessment yet about 10%. Winning offers should be expanded by 17% as sale premium and 3% as extra administrations compliant with Law 194 of 22.12.2010 Art. 48, the subsequent sale charge is 17,51%. Purchasers in the deal room should pay and take parcels on their own danger inside 24 our own from the sale end.

The Auctioneer can gathering, partition and pull out parcels likewise he can change whenever deal’s structure. In the event of contestation during an offering the Auctioneer may restart thesale in a similar meeting.

Closeout results will be distributed (site www.inasta.com) the third working day after the deal, partecipants can get informations calling 0549/970146. Champs will recieve full documentations and the receipt straight mail, anyway it’s their responsability to appurate result.

If there should be an occurrence of comparable mail offers, appearance cancelation will be taken to determinate need. Numerous offers via mail: Opening cost € 100; first offer € 150; second offer € 120; third offer € 110; winning offer wil be the first with a cost of € 130 (second offer with an expansion of € 10).

Products will be dispatched after installment quickly for the record and the danger of the purchaser. the expense of delivery changes relying upon the territory and weight of the bundle (take a gander at the shipment tables at the lower part of this page). Solicitations not paid withing 30 days will be accused of a month to month of 1% in addition to all the steadfast costs.

Demos Auctions Spa applies a protection administration for shipment with an extra 1% (least € 3,50) over the triumphant cost and commission purchasers are not responsable for shipment hazard. In the event of lost, after aknowledeg, they will be discount of their absolute costs.

An offer to barters infers all out acknowledgment of these deal conditions. The index is completely free, customer’s must partecipate at list once every three inventories. Just the Italian content is legitimate, the transaltion is just for partecipant’s assistance. For any debate the capable Court House is San Marino.

Demos Auctions Spa holds the privilege not to acknowledge phone demands for parcels with gauges is not exactly € 500. The solicitation for phone investment should be made by letter or fax and got inside 48 hours before the beginning of the sale. For unfamiliar members (barring Italy) there is an extra charge of 1% on the sledge cost. Demos Auctions isn’t dependable in any capacity if the client isn’t reachable under any circumstances.

Transportation COSTS: ZONE 1 (Europe): up to 100 gr. € 12, 250 gr. € 14, 350 gr. € 16, 1 kg. € 22, 2 kg. € 33. ZONE 2 (Africa, Asia, America): up to 100 gr. € 14, 250 gr. € 18, 350 gr. € 20, 1 kg. € 30, 2 kg. € 45. ZONE 3 (Oceania):up to 100 gr. € 15, 250 gr. € 20, 350 gr. € 27, 1 kg. € 40, 2 kg. € 55. Loads surpassing 2 kilos shift from state to state.