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Throughout history, collectors have made the greatest contribution to the field of numismatics. We know from ancient texts that coin collection has existed throughout history.

As far as we can learn from the sources, we know that the first collector was the Roman emperor Augustus. Augustus was curious about the coins with portraits of rulers living in front of him, and was curious about the old coins he had collected. From time to time he gave gifts to his guests and friends.

In this sense, we can say that the creators of numismatics are actually collectors. The people who collected coins from antiquity laid the foundation for numismatics. Coin collection started systematically in the first Renaissance period. During this period, collectors were attracted to figures about coins and portraits of Roman emperors. In addition to its economic value, the coin is an important communication tool in ancient times. In ancient times, when there were no newspapers, internet and other communication tools, which emperor was in power, who was the king! How it is and what it looks like, the queen’s hair toilet, new buildings, bridges, temples, etc.

Such information people learned through coins. In addition to the actual meaning of the coin they had very different and important tasks.

Why collect old coins today?

That’s because you can touch the past with the coin. Coins throughout human history can be considered as genuine works of art. Works of art that you can own, works of art that you can experience history and the past.

Demos Auctions

is a start-up company focusing on classic numismatics. Demos will work to be recognized in the numismatic world and work for a continuously responsible business.

Our coin experts guarantee the authenticity of all coins that we sell.

When you buy from our coin auctions, the price you pay always reflects the high quality we provide.

Our team and numismatists have been in the coin world for many years.

We gladly offer monthly auctions on Biddr.ch.

In the long run, we are considering publishing auction catalogs and various brochures for our customers.